Stillbirth has been a reason for a number of child deaths and distress among the couples. However the contributing factors towards the stillbirth needed to be analysed so that they can be controlled to decrease the possibility of stillbirth. This study was done to investigate the factors associated with late stillbirth among women with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (HDP).

The clinical details of women with HDP having late stillbirth were compared with controls having livebirth. This comparison helped in the identification of the factors that were different and might have an influence on the type of birth. Careful analysis of the differences ensured that the factors that were identified were of significant importance and influence on the type of birth.

Total 208 cases and 288 controls were included in the study. Inadequate antenatal visits (p < 0.001, OR–5.92). birth weight < 2000 gms (p < 0.001, OR 10.3) and BW/PW ratio > 8 contributed significantly (p = 0.0001, OR-5.6) to stillbirth.

The study concluded that poor antenatal care, birth weight below 2000gms, and high BW/PW ratio were associated with a higher risk of stillbirth.