This study states that Arterial involvement in Behçet disease (BD) is rare, and its surgical management is a major concern because of its high recurrence rate. This study evaluated the influence of the surgical technique, device, and immunosuppressive treatment used on the postoperative recurrence in patients with non-pulmonary arterial BD.

A single-center, retrospective study was conducted of 23 patients meeting the international criteria for BD who underwent surgery for arterial involvement between May 1996 and September 2015. Recurrence was defined as the occurrence of arterial aneurysm or thrombosis during follow-up. Perioperative medical treatment and surgical technique used were reported.

Recurrences developed within <1 year in 24% of cases and at the same anatomic site in 92% of cases. Among the 24 recurrences, 17 were false aneurysms, 6 were thrombosis, and 1 was a true aneurysm in a different arterial site. To treat the arterial lesion, direct anastomosis was performed in 6 cases; bypass using the saphenous vein, graft, or allograft was performed in 6, 27, and 5 cases, respectively; and stent graft was used in 3 cases. Vascular lesions involved the aorta in 19 cases and a peripheral artery in 28 cases.

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