The aim is To discover the general predominance of renal oddities identified in the antenatal period, and to take a gander at factors that anticipate the post pregnancy result.

In this forthcoming examination, all antenatal-identified renal abnormalities booked at the tertiary wellbeing community were assessed and directed. Angles like kind of renal oddity, oligohydramnios and presence of extra peculiarities were noted. Stillborn infants went through dissection; all live conceived children were followed for one year. Suitable factual investigations were performed to contrast the antenatal variables and results.

Renal abnormalities were recognized in 136 out of 587 cases with major fetal irregularities. The greater part of the ladies were primiparous (65.4%). The mean growth at show was 30 weeks; in 12 cases, finding was conceivable before 20 weeks (8.8%). In cases with oligohydramnios, there was just 3.4% endurance following one year; none of the cases with cystic kidney and oligohydramnios endure. The time of development at show of non-survivors was 25.9 weeks contrasted with 32.5 weeks with survivors. Among the cases with extra renal abnormality, 7.0% endure; none of the cases with related cranio-vertebral imperfection or polydactyly made due following a year.

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