This study was done with a purpose to determine the family approach model in affecting the cognitive and psy­chomotor of women of reproductive age to use long-term contraceptive methods.

This was a quasi-experimental study with pre and post designs. This study was conducted at the for 2 monts starting from 2019. This study popu­lation was all women of reproductive age. A sample of total 30 women of reproductive age was selected by purposive sampling. The dependent variable was the cognitive and psychomotor aspects. The independent variable was the family approach. The data was collected by a questionnaire. The data were analyzed with Mann Whitney.

Cognitive and psychomotor aspects after giving a family approach model to the treatment group were higher than the control group. The result was statistically significant.

This study concluded through its findings that the family approach model can be used as an alternative solution to population problems. The family approach model can affect cognitive and psychomotor aspects. It can contribute to the decision making for the use of the Long-term Contraceptive Method.