Texas-based Citizens Medical Center recently made the decision to refuse employment to obese healthcare providers.

An article posted on Medscape addresses the firestorm of responses by readers on the decision and discusses whether hospitals should be allowed to deny employment to doctors and healthcare providers who are significantly overweight.

What was the rationale behind the belief to hire only thin doctors? Some observed that obese physicians are poor role models for patients, who should be taught healthy behaviors (ie, good nutrition and exercise).  Other proponents maintained that people “do as you do” and not as you say, and that obese physicians are “implicitly condoning” obesity.

Others vehemently oppose the stance and find it discriminatory – arguing that a physician’s competency and knowledge trumps their physical appearance — especially when genetic and health-related factors can play a role in obesity.

Physician’s Weekly wants to know… Would you support an initiative to refuse work to obese doctors at your facility?