In patients with NSCLC, current ESTS and ESMO guidelines recommend invasive lymph node (LN) staging with EBUS-TBNA even if FDG-PET/CT is negative for mediastinal LNs if at least one of three risk factors is present (cN1, non-peripheral primary or primary >3 cm). Modified workflows to avoid unnecessary invasive procedures were evaluated.

Monocentric retrospective analysis of pretherapeutic FDG-PET/CT in 247 patients with NSCLC (62 % male; age, 68 [43–88] years) using an analog or digital PET/CT scanner. PET windowing was standardized. LNs were positive if ‘LN uptake > mediastinal blood pool’ or short axis >10 mm. Surgery or EBUS-TBNA served as reference for diagnostic accuracy per LN station. In all patients with negative mediastinal LNs by PET/CT, LN histology from surgery was available.

Among 700 L N stations analyzed, 180 were malignant. Sensitivity and specificity of PET/CT per LN station were 93 % and 71 %. Following current guidelines, 76 patients with mediastinal negative PET/CT required confirmatory invasive staging. Only 5/76 patients had unexpected pN2 (all had adenocarcinoma). In a modified approach, confirmatory invasive staging was confined to patients with mediastinal negative PET/CT.

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