The injury to the common bile duct is becoming very common these days, therefore, various studies are being conducted in order to provide for the therapies which can play a very decisive role in ensuring that the view of safety is kept intact in the best possible manner. The most common fear which is linked to this problem is the incidence and occurrence of laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Therefore, the studies taht were conducted using a population of 785 people so far, have revealed that nearly 87 percent of the people were more happy and comfortable with using the operative radiographic intraoperative cholangiography. This is because of the reason that the extrahepatic biliary is playing a vital role in addressing the issue of fluorescent cholangiography. This has become routine however, an attempt is made to provide for the best possible results. Nearly 45-85 percent of the efficient surgeries related to bile duct have been conducted using this therapy and the people are extremely satisfied using the same. This shows the success that the medical industry has achieved in these years. This has been very helpful in various ways.

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