The following article gives an overview of exercise-induced anaphylaxis caused by food (FD-EIAn). The review focuses on the epidemiology, pathophysiology, and clinical findings of FD-EIAn, as well as the current state of inquiry, management, and therapy options. The therapy of FD-EIAn has not altered dramatically in recent years, and it still requires careful evaluation by an expert clinician to ensure that the accurate diagnosis is made and proper medication is administered. Although innovative medicines such as synthetic prostaglandin E1 analogues and IgE monoclonal antibodies have been tested as therapeutic possibilities for FD-EIAn, the mainstay of treatment remains supervised graduated reintroduction to exercise.

FD-EIAn is a rare yet dangerous illness that can have catastrophic consequences for sufferers’ lives. The purpose of this review is to discuss recent relevant research in this sector in order to help doctors manage this illness.