The study was done to check the changes in corneal endothelium cell density (ECD) and the correlated factors after Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) V4c implantation.

The study was done on 48 eyes of 25 patients with myopia who underwent ICL V4c implantation were enrolled. For 4 years the patients were followed up and relevant data was taken.

All surgeries were performed safely with no complications during follow-up (average 52±2.9 months). Safety and efficacy indices were 1.23±0.22 and 1.04±0.16, respectively. No eyes had decreased CDVA, and 67% gained one or more lines. Further, 79% were within ±0.50 D, and 100% were within ±1.0 D of the attempted refraction. Additionally, a 4.03%±2.2% reduction in ECD compared with the preoperative value was observed at the last follow-up visit. Changes in ECD were significantly correlated with vault, C-ICL, change in ACA and change in ACV. Vault was the most significant factor for changes in ECD.

The study concluded that ICL V4c implantation is safe and effective for myopia correction. Anterior segment biometric parameters including the vault, ACA and C-ICL may influence changes in ECD; specifically, the vault plays a major role.