Health practitioners widely recommended LARC is to reduce unintended pregnancy in the USA. As IUD use increases, evaluating the role of post-insertion follow-up is essential.

The researchers conducted a retrospective patient record review to assess women’s follow-up experience who had an IUD placed. Data were collected on patient demographics, IUD placement, follow-up visit attendance, and outcomes in the 12 months following insertion. The direct result of interest was the proportion of patients who attended a 6-week follow-up visit. Secondary outcomes included adverse events detected at the 6-week visit and IUD removal within a year of placement.

Among three hundred and eighty women who had an IUD inserted, a 6-week follow-up visit was present in 91.3% of patient medical records. Fifty women attended the 6-week follow-up visit, and 16 did not. Of the IUD removals, 14 occurred at the 6-week visit. After excluding IUD removals at the 6-week visit, attending a 6-week follow-up visit was not associated with IUD removal or retention.

The study concluded that despite recommendations to forgo the 6-week follow-up visit, visits were still standard, with no demonstrated value-added.