It has been noticed that the representation of females in neurosurgery has been one of the lowest in medical specialties. The main objective of this study is distribution of gender in current residents and faculty for ACGME-accredited neurosurgery training programs. Based on data for the academic year of 2017 – 18, collected from the accelerated training programs of neurosurgery has been analyzed properly. The method of analysis was done according to age gender academic rank real off graduation and status of the American Board of neurological surgery certification. The result shows that about 1350 residents have participated in 109 training programs for neurosurgery. Among them only 18.2% were female and the rest 81.8% were male. On those training programs, about 1320 faculties have participated and only 8.7 % of them were female. Among those 109 training programs, there were 4 training programs where there were no female participants.

This study shows that the number of female candidates in neurosurgery in the training programs accredited by ACGME is still fewer. The research says that the number of female participants in neurosurgery training programs is very small and that is the reason there are more male neurosurgeons in the workforce than females.