Co-occurrence of behavioral and emotional problems in childhood is very common. is always a possibility among the children that various emotions occur together in them. This basically shows how vulnerable this class of population is in terms of coping up with their emotions, therefore, what matters at the end in to ensure that the people in these days are able to get hold of such situations wherein their children are exposed to multiple emotions. These emotions cannot be tackled all at once. Therefore, a study was conducted in around 10 year children between the age group of 10-15 years. The number of children taken were aorund 3030. People require the utmost care and patience to treat them in the best possible manner. Therefore, therefore, what matters at the end of the day is to discover the correlation amongst various emotions that the children undergo through. Therefore, in order to understand the reason behind the same, it becomes important to realize that this phenomenon is linked with psychopathology. The results showcased an increase in the white matter microstructures and a decrease in the general psychopathology. This phenomenon is also linked with the white matter which is suspended in the brain. Therefore, neurobiological mechanisms play an important role in ensuring that the children are in the position to tolerate the multiplicity of emotions in the best possible manner. There was no association between the speicific internalizing fcator and specific attention factor.

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