Increasing literature is being written to address text comprehension deficits for students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Further researches are required because educators often struggle to design interventions resulting in the successful generalization of comprehension skills for the students that have autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This study was done to evaluative existing literature and provide a review of literature that explored the inclusion of and methods used in the generalization of text comprehension research for students with ASD.

The researchers examined 32 studies across content areas that included the English language arts, math, and science, etc. to investigate the following questions that to what extent is generalization addressed across content areas for students with ASD? How did the studies program for generalization? What conclusions can be inferred about effective generalization methods? and Can quality indicators be recommended for generalization methods for text comprehension?

The study provided the recommendations for quality indicators for generalization measures and strategies are suggested based on the findings from the current review. Implications for future research and instructional practice are also discussed.