The abdominal aortic aneurysm is an extremely important cause of cardiovascular mortality. However, an attempt was made to calculate the genetic determinants. They remain incompletely defined. There have been in total 10 previously identified risk loci which are known for explaining a small fraction of AAA heritability. In addition, an attempt was made to perform the Million Veteran Program with an aim to test around 18 million DNA sequences which will be linked with the variants of AAA in veterans of European ancestry with independent replication in up to 4985 patients so far. It was revealed in the results that a genome-wide association study will be linked with genome-wide polygenic risk scores to identify a subset of the population at a greater risk for disease. The current guidelines are known for screening trials with the best possible efficiency and hence an attempt is made to make the best possible effort. There are known for adding 1.24 in the PRS screening. It has also been observed that AAA was known for providing an independent in AAA loci for so long. In addition, an attempt is made to qualify for the results.

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