The following was originally posted by PW blogger Kelly Cawcutt, MD, to her personal blog site,


It’s December.

For many of us, this is a month that all too often disappears amidst the holidays, shopping, gift giving, gathering and festivities.

It is amazing. And yet, too often, it can be depleting.

The holiday season can deplete us toward the end of the year as we continue to give selflessly. For me, that is giving to my patients, my colleagues. my friends, my family.

Yet, often, I am not on that list of giving. I lose myself in my focus of caring for others. I stay so busy that I risk burning out like the peppermint candle atop the table.

This season, I am striving for burning BRIGHTER.

I am giving myself 3 gifts:

1) The gift of coaching

This is something I am unbelievably excited about. I am investing in myself, in my dreams and doing the hard work it takes to help me break through obstacles. Even those in which the only person standing in my way is me. The gift of coaching is a gift of personal growth.

2) The gift of self-care

We simply cannot pour from an empty cup. We cannot provide excellent care for others if we are unhealthy ourselves. In this light, self-care takes on a new perspective. It is not(let me repeat that again, it is NOT) selfish. In fact, if self-care makes us better, perhaps it is the most altruistic gift we can give ourselves and those around us. The gift of the best possible version of ourselves to those we love and care for.

3) The gift of grace

By some definitions, grace is “courteous goodwill” or the ability to show kindness and compassion. Life is hard. We are all, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US, imperfect. We are all doing the best we can. This season, I will strive to live abundantly in grace. Grace for my family & friends, my colleagues & patients, and most importantly, grace for myself. Grace for when I forget a gift, miss a party, when I make a mistake and for all the other imperfections. If in this season of Christmas & holiday spirit, we cannot find ourselves full of grace, when can we? A month of grace, I suspect, will likely result in a year of it.

All of these gifts can be given freely and yet, all are also freeing.

I dare you, add yourself to your gift giving list now. You are WORTH it!

Happy Holidays~