In order to cure the people who have been suffering from diabetes which is in severe form, there is a high possibility that the people are provided with the best possible care. Therefore, they are usually admitted to the hospital and the ICU. however, in order to cure the ones who are non-ICU patients, ideally, the technique of continuous glucose monitoring is adopted. Therefore, during the coronavirus disease pandemic, there have been many situations wherein a shortage of personal protective equipment is a concern. There have been claims made by the medical authorities of the United States of America that this process will not be affecting the glucose monitoring which is being applied on the patients who have been suffering from the novel coronavirus disease. Therefore, a study was conducted with 9 patients and Dexcom was placed in the lower abdomen. After a period of one day, the values on both the receivers co-related in the best possible manner. The co-relation was not only positive but was also calculated to be at 9.77 percent. Therefore, it was discovered that glucose monitoring use is quite feasible in patients who are not so critically ill.

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