Anaphylaxis is a systemic allergic reaction and can escalate quickly and be lethal without adequate care. Allergy information and immunological subjects, such as anaphylaxis, are easily accessed online and are regularly sought by patients and medical staff. The social media and search engines not only offer many advantages to users, but also risk violations of privacy, professional conduct, misconduct and lawsuits. The use of social media by medical personnel poses risks of liability and may lead to misuse. The study utilised PubMed with the words anaphylaxis; social network; mobile applications which have shown a very few papers on the use of the platforms and anaphylaxis. To analyse relative search interest and absolute volumes on ‘anaphylaxis,’ Google Trends and KWFinder have been employed.

Several sources of health-related searches both for healthcare providers and patients are available on the Internet. Different websites, smartphone applications, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter have been analysed. In order to prevent any identification of patients, the 18 HIPAA identificators must be known. In order for patients and health professionals to be used for patient education, we include websites with factual information on the subject of anaphylaxis. There is an obvious need for further study in the field of health information.