The study of head loading effects on the cervical spine for the laborers aims to determine the effect of this due to axial loading when they carry weights on their heads. It is a very common and traditional practice of carrying weights on the heads in almost all developing countries. the labor workers in construction agriculture and different other industries use to lift heavy weights using their head by putting on to it. This study has taken 62 persons as the subject. Among them, 32 laborers were from the construction areas and the rest 30 people were from the control groups who have never lifted any weight on their heads. The radiographs of the cervical spine have been taken for all of them in terms of the study.

The results show that cervical lordosis has been observed in the laborers of the first group on the other hand the same thing has been observed for the normal people in a lot lesser amount. Therefore the study has come to the conclusion stating that carrying loads on the heads can lead to accelerated degenerative changes. And it will involve the upper cervical spine. But the lower cervical spine will remain less affected. Hence finding an alternative method of carrying loads is advisable.