For a study, researchers sought to evaluate the experiences of patients and primary care physicians, their expectations, and the challenges they faced when using patient-generated and physician-generated health data. They conducted an interview-based qualitative study. They included adults who were prepared to discuss the matter. Primary care was the source of participant recruitment. The interviews were recorded with a dictaphone, transcribed word-for-word, and analyzed with a content analysis technique. They did a total of 14 individual interviews with patients (n = 7) and with physicians (n = 7). Patients and clinicians highlighted the importance of simple access to health data in digital health information systems. Nevertheless, patients might not always comprehend medical terminology, and physicians have discovered that the quality of medical documentation requires scrutiny. Both parties agreed that patient-generated data was a valuable source of information that should be utilized more frequently. The epidemic had demonstrated the need to have quick access to health data. Health care providers and patients benefited from establishing a health information system, facilitating the transmission of evidence-based medicine, and promoting health literacy.

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