Ideally, cancer is not the game of one day. Before it reaches the stage wherein it becomes possible for it to control the entire body, there is always a possibility of alarms that the body is capable of raising for indicating the person that something is not right in the body. Therefore, it becomes the duty of the mind to be conscious enough to understand the timings of these alarms. This alarm happens in the form of inflammation which may occur with respect to the different parts of the body. Therefore, what becomes important to realize in such situations is to ascertain the bodily check-ups with the required frequency for keeping an eye over nay sort of inflammation occurring in the body. That is why for the purpose of this study, various attempts have been made in order to understand that the TTP expression was investigated in both human beings and the mice. This TTP expression plays an important role in calculating the tendency of inflammation so that the person gets an idea about the fact if the inflammation is in the acceptable range. Therefore, the results showcased that TTP loss in vivo strongly restrains the development of the cells related to hepatic steatosis and inflammation. This shows that TTP contributes to the hepatic inflammation and hence, the people should be in the position to understand how things work.

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