The Particulars: Previous research indicates that worsening renal function (WRF) occurs often during hospitalizations for acute heart failure (AHF). WRF has also been associated with poor outcomes. Little is known about whether risks are different between transient and persistent WRF.

Data Breakdown: Among patients with AHF who participated in a study, those with either transient or persistent WRF had higher rates of 90-day mortality, post-discharge mortality, and all-cause readmission and 90-day post-admission morality when compared with those without WRF. Persistent WRF correlated with higher risks for 90-day post-admission mortality than transient WRF.

Take Home Pearls: Both transient and persistent WRF during AHF appear to increase 90-day risk for all-cause readmission and mortality when compared with no WRF. Persistent WRF appears to be associated with worse outcomes than transient WRF.