The disease of hypoxemia is one of the most fatal diseases which has surfaced in the time being. This is because of the reason that the disease is itself a symptom of some other disease that is none other than the novel coronavirus. Hence, this is one of the symptoms which is caused to the people who are admitted to the hospitals owing to the coronavirus infection they are carrying with themselves. There have been many studies that have been conducted using 10,587 patients and hence, it was discovered that there have been more than 70 percent of the trend which is able to report these symptoms. There are other problems which are associated with the issue of high ventilation and hence, at the same time, provide the person with the opportunity to ensure the velocity gas. However, there is other viable options for the purpose of curing this virus which is in the position to extract the transmission out of this. Indeed, the retrospective effects have been able to report an efficiency of 85-90 percent and there have been many positive impacts that had been reported to provide for the NIV, and hence, a 45 percent rate has been reported there.

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