Cancer has been the cause of destruction for hundreds of families. Not just it destroys the family and the individual regarding health and such issues but it also takes up the mental peace one has due to the financial stability. The high intensity care and the long suffering related with cancer patients is not something new to discuss. Still the main result that it provides is the poor quality of life after being treated. We discussed and studied the pattern and predictors of high-intensity care among patients with GI cancer.

Four thousand six hundred twenty-nine patients were enrolled in the program and many of them or to be precise 11% of the patient had chemotherapy sessions while being treated for GI cancer.  17.3% had > 1 hospitalization, 9.3% were in the ICU, 18.0% had > 1 ER visit, 39.3% died in an acute care setting, and 8.6% received life-extending procedures.All the medical care provided were really not enough to boost these lives.

All this brings us to a conclusion that there is a great need to improve the EoL care throughout the place. There should be a detailed analysis and care about improving the ways these patients live.