During the omicron-predominant period, there was an increase in weekly hospitalizations among infants younger than 6 months, but the prevalence of indicators of severe disease did not increase among these infants, according to research published in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Sarah Hamid, PhD, and
colleagues analyzed data from the Coronavirus Disease 2019-Associated Hospitalization Surveillance Network to describe changes in the age distribution of COVID-19-associated hospitalizations since the Del predominant period (June 20 to Dec. 18, 2021), focusing on infants younger than 6 months. They found an increase in weekly hospitalizations per 100,000 aged younger than 6 months from a nadir of 2.2 (week ending April 9, 2022) to a peak of 26.0 (week ending July 23, 2022) during the omicron BA.2/BA.5-predominant periods (Dec. 19, 2021 to Aug. 31, 2022). The average weekly hospitalization rate was similar to that of adults aged 65-74.