Evidence from real-world settings is essential to provide an accurate picture of health care delivery. We investigated the use of LARC in women.

Two surveys, one of the women and one of the HCPs, were conducted parallel across seven countries. Participating women completed an online survey to assess contraceptive awareness, the current contraception method, age, and experience with the current contraceptive method. HCPs participated in an online survey to provide practice-level information and three anonymous charts of hormonal LARC users.

Six thousand nine hundred three women completed the survey—3225 provided information about their current primary contraception method. Overall, 16% used LARC methods, while 52% used OCs. Of hormonal intrauterine system users, 72% described their experience as ‘very favorable,’ compared with only 53% of women using OCs. Anonymous patient records were provided by 550 HCPs who completed the online survey. Most women had used short-acting reversible contraception before switching to LARC. Physicians perceived 56–84% of LARC users as highly satisfied with their current form of contraception.

Although usage of LARC was low, most women using LARC were highly satisfied with their method of contraception.

Reference: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/13625187.2019.1666362