In allergies, the evaluation of molecular allergens sensitization profiles goes through customised medicine. This approach will allow patients with allergic respiratory disorders to be properly diagnosed and treated. There are currently different lab tests available to evaluate sensitisation to molecular allergens, from single-plex assays to unspecified multiplex screening assays carried out mainly through microarrays or macroarrays. It is critical that all findings from a particular IgE are collected in relation to allergens and to molecular allergens, that the patient’s profile is more complete and thus genuine sensitization is stressed, and that the cross response and sensitisation of pain allergens are excluded. Knowing the patient’s exact molecular sensitization profile aids in predicting disease progression and targeting the most effective allergen immunotherapy medication to prescribe.

Despite the fact that a cost-effective study of running multiple assays in allergic patients has not yet been conducted, such a technique has proven to be more successful in detecting the required medication in each patient and evaluating the true sensitization profile in patients suffering from allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, and asthma.