Over 460,00 healthcare workers have left the field since February 2020. There is a huge shortage of entry-level staff and it has become more difficult to secure dependable, qualified staff.

In October, the Bureau of Labor Statistics at the US Department of Labor reported an unemployment rate of 4.6%. While health care added 37,000 jobs in October, most of the gain occurred in home healthcare services (+16,000) and nursing care facilities (+12,000). The Association of American Medical Colleges has already confirmed that America will face a critical shortage of clinical providers by 2032 of nearly 122,000 physicians as demand for physicians continues to grow faster than supply. The number of physician assistants and advanced practice registered nurses is projected to continue to increase. Since healthcare jobs are in high demand, what can you do to find the right staff for your practice?

Amy Hinton, a consultant at Provider Services Nationwide, which hires staff for physicians setting up their first practices, says:We always see a higher demand for family practice than what is available. Allowing mid-levels to practice with full autonomy has helped solve this issue. But I feel that every single specialty has a shortage that continues to grow with certain specialties being at greater risk, such as neurology and emergency medicine.”

She uses various platforms and social media to recruit medical staff, including, among others, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Monster, and LinkedIn. “We’ve also hired specific recruiters in addition to staffing agencies,” Hinton adds. “When placing ads for future employees, you want to appeal to a future employee’s sense of balance. Every single person is looking not only to make a competitive wage but to also find a healthy work/life balance.”