Managing pediatric spinal deformities is one of the critical treatments for neurosurgeons. It needs an accurate prediction of the growth of the experts in order to allow the timely initiation of treatment to prevent the curve progression. By studying the rate of growth and determining the growth potential of the remaining is very important to avoid prolonged and unnecessary treatment. If pediatrics spine deformities cannot be determined on time then unnecessary treatments like dressing for skeletal maturity can be applied on the patients which is a prolonged process. There are several radiological and clinical growth parameters that have already been developed to manage pediatric spinal deformities. Among all these parameters, those that are used mostly and commonly are the timing of menarche, bone assessments , arm span growth trends, etc.

The research fox says that if this deformity of the spine has not been taken care of in proper time, then it might cause several other problems in the near future. Also so the neurosurgeons need to be done up to point accurate diagnosis to stop the growth right on time. They also have to predict perfectly regarding the excessive growth and start the treatment accordingly.