The deadly virus named as COVID-19 has raised concerns about the efficiency and adequacy of the heath infrastructure which are available in the marketplace. Therefore, what matters at the end is basically the fact that people are able to ensure that the current state of treatment is merely temporary and cannot last long. In addition to the treatment, this is difficult to examine the time window in which the infected persons can expect their recovery. Therefore, the ideal time window of 28 days is essential to measure the effectiveness of the medical treatment and ensure that the people are able to measure the summaries of the recovery time taken by the patients in the best possible manner.

Therefore, what becomes essential to understand at this point of time, is the fact that the novel coronavirus is being treated with the combination of the medicines and treatments which are giving results, however, they by no means could be termed as an effective method. Therefore, it is important to measure the efficacy of these medical treatments and figure out if anything among these could be helpful for making and developing a final solution to this deadly virus.