Infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV) is a significant cause of cervical cancer. The HPV vaccination has been found to be extremely successful in preventing HPV infection, and understanding the genotypes of HPV infection can help guide the use of the HPV vaccine. The purpose of this epidemiological study was to look at the genotype distribution of HPV in HPV-positive female patients in Changzhou. This study recruited HPV-positive female patients admitted to Nanjing Medical University’s Affiliated Changzhou No. 2 People’s Hospital. Standard HPV DNA testing was used to identify HPV genotypes. The cohort included 5738 individuals, with the most common genotypes being HPV52, HPV16, HPV58, HPV81, and HPV53. The prevalence of HPV infection was highest among individuals aged 41–45 years, followed by those aged 31–35 years and 36–40 years. In all, 46.8 per cent of infections were discovered in women aged 31–45 years old. Upon physical examination or diagnosis of cervicitis and cervical cancer, the most common genotypes of HPV infection were HPV52, 16, 58, 81, and 53. 

The most common genotypes of HPV infection are HPV52, 16, 58, 81, and 53. Furthermore, HPV infection is most common in women aged 31–45 years. The findings provide experimental data that may be used to guide HPV vaccine policies.