The pandemic of COVID-19 has severely affected health infrastructure of the world and has made the world realize that no matter how much technology grows, nature will always be bigger and hence, challenge mankind with such viruses which are so much difficult to decipher. This novel coronavirus is one of those challenges, wherein the world has realized the existing state of affairs is not enough at all for countering the challenges. This is quite evident that there is hardly any effective treatment for treating the coronavirus. There have been instances wherein different symptoms are observed over the different adults.

There have been instances wherein the people have not showcased any symptoms in any manner in the first 14 days. These were the cases wherein placebo was received by them. However, another medicine of hydroxychloroquine was used to treat the patients. In utter surprise, this medicine was able to cure the patients in a double speed as compared to placebo. In other words, there is evidence to substantiate this fact that there were only 4 hospitalizations when the people were given this medicine of hydroxychloroquine as against 8 hospitalizations when the people were treated using placebo. However, this fact is not enough to counter the position wherein there is no special treatment for treating coronavirus and the possibilities remain bleak. However, re-imposing trust on innovation is the need of the hour.