The pathophysiology of atopic dermatitis is very much complex in every possible manner. This helps to ensure the understanding of the disease endotypes which may be helpful in improving disease management. At the same time, an attempt must be made to provide for prolongation in the skin epitopes which involves IgE autoantibodies. Therefore, in order to understand the concept of atopic dermatitis, it is important to understand the features of this disease. These features basically include the fact which involves itchiness and chronic relapsing skin condition. This disease is known for affecting at least 25 percent of the patients. This disease is also known for affecting 2-8 percent of adults. The first manifestations of the disease usually appear in early childhood to the maximum possible extent. There are additional problems of sensitivity. In addition, these people are very much prone to a variety of diseases which include asthma and allergics of different kinds. The recovery rate for this allergic is very less and hence, at the same time, an attempt is made to provide for the fact that the people are in the position to get the best possible results in the minimum shortest possible time.

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