The kidney is known to be the most important organ of the body. However, at the same time, it is likely to be extremely sensitive as well. In any kind of sepsis-induced acute kidney injury, kidney blood flow may be in the position to increase despite being decreased glomerular filtration. There is normally a possibility that the angiotensin, type 2 drug is in the capacity to cure the menace of the decreasing flow of blood to the kidney. This is because of the reason that the autopsy tissue in the kidney is likely to get damaged by the activities which have been mentioned above. Therefore, cumulative urine output is likely to get affected by this stance, and hence, what is essential that is to realize that AT1R expression when assessed in the reports is likely to show negative consequences and hence, represent the bad state of affairs for the health of the kidney. Therefore, at the end, it is to be concluded that nearly 8-9 percent of people of this world are in the position to understand the positive and negative impacts of the drugs which are related to the cure and treatment of the kidney. Hence, the drugs and the medicines which are used by the people to cure themselves must be selected accordingly.

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