This study states that Isolated abdominal dissection (IAD) is an uncommon clinical problem that is less well-understood than thoracic aortic dissection (AD). We performed a population-based assessment of the incidence, natural history, and treatment outcomes of IAD to better characterize this disease.

We used the Rochester Epidemiology Project to identify all Olmsted County, MN residents with a diagnosis of AD, intramural hematoma or penetrating ulcer (1995-2015). Diagnostic imaging of all patients was reviewed to confirm the diagnosis of IAD for inclusion. Presentation, treatment, and outcomes were reviewed. Survival of IAD patients was compared to age- and sex-matched population controls 3:1.

Of 133 residents with aortic syndrome (AD, intramural hematoma, or penetrating ulcer), 23 were initially diagnosed with IAD. Nine were reclassified as having a penetrating aortic ulcer and were excluded, leaving 14 patients for review (10 male [71%]; mean age, 71 years). Three patients (21%) were symptomatic (abdominal pain, back pain, hypertension) and none had malperfusion or rupture. Prior aortic dilatation was present in eight patients (57%) and Marfan syndrome in one (7%). Two patients (14%) had iatrogenic IAD.

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