The study aimed to investigate Varicella and HZ incidences following the introduction of single-dose VV in Turkey. Researchers compared differences in the incidences of varicella and HZ per 100,000 population with pre (2011–2012) and post-VV period (2018–2019) throughout years between years 2011 and 2019, both for children and adults. In children ≤five years of age, the annual incidences of varicella significantly decreased from 290 per 100000 children in 2011 to 24 per 100000 children in 2019. Also, for children ≤five years, the mean annual incidence of varicella decreased significantly between the pre-and post-VV period. On the other hand, the incidence of varicella in the adult population did not change significantly. Besides, the annual incidences of Herpes Zoster did not vary considerably in children’s age strata, but a significant increment was observed in the adult population. This increment was significant in adult age strata of 18–44 years but non-significant in age strata of 45–64 years and >64. Thus, our study showed a significant reduction in the incidences of Varicella in children’s age strata, whereas a significant increment in the incidence of HZ in the adult population after the implementation of VV into the NIP of Turkey.