The aim of this study is to analyse Across the globe, the Covid sickness 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is influencing practically all parts of day by day life.1 Most remarkably, from a medical care arrangement of view, noncritical ailments were deferred and by far most of the assets moved to the COVID-19-related clinical conditions.2 While the significant focal point of the medical care framework is on COVID-19, the quantity of reports on the diminishing pace of non-COVID-19-related conditions is increasing. Renal colic with ureter stone is a typical case in a day by day urology practice. Albeit the ureteral stone sickness for the most part is a uninteresting condition, it very well may be hazardous if contamination or potentially renal impedance accompany. Obstructing stones with the components of intense disease requires decompression by the situation of a ureteral stent or percutaneous nephrostomy cylinder to forestall sepsis.6 Therefore, fitting and ideal administration is urgent. During the COVID-19 pandemic limitations period, we theorize that the pace of convoluted ureteral stone sickness (CUSD) may increase. We, subsequently, tried to look at the CUSD in the public limitation (seclusion and travel) time of the COVID-19 with those in a similar time of non-COVID-19 of a similar emergency clinic in the earlier year.

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