A second-generation female condom, is currently being manufactured in China. The manufacturer plans to launch the product in China.

A survey and focus group discussions were conducted with seventy-three women and fifty-seven men from nine potential user groups to explore, based on visual inspection of the Woman’s Condom and product information, their perceptions and attitudes toward the product. The potential user groups were male and female university students, male and female college-educated young people, married women and men, migrant women and men, and women working in the entertainment industry.

Female condoms were a new concept for almost all study participants. Women and men reported that the Woman’s Condom would make “some” or a “great” difference in their lives. Participants reported interest in using the Woman’s Condom for STI or dual protection rather than for pregnancy prevention alone. Findings highlighted comfort, partner approval, and lubricant as possible concerns.

The study concluded that product introduction activities should be oriented toward the most likely early adopter groups. Lack of interest in using the new device by married women/men and migrant men may indicate that they do not perceive a need for a dual protection product.

Reference: https://srh.bmj.com/content/39/2/111