The KYSS is a prospective, observational study conducted to assess satisfaction with LNG-IUS 12 (Kyleena®) in clinical practice and provide adequate information for counseling women on what to expect regarding insertion and pleasure.

Women deciding to use LNG-IUS 12 during routine counseling were informed of the study and provided informed consent. A baseline analysis was conducted to evaluate demographics, ease of insertion assessed by investigators, pain at insertion rated by women, additional insertion interventions, and adverse events.

One thousand one hundred ten women had an insertion attempt and were included. Insertion was rated as easy in 494 parous and 516 nulliparous women. Overall, 111 women reported adverse events at the time of baseline analysis.

The study concluded that LNG-IUS 12 insertion is easy and associated with no or mild pain in most women. Additional interventions for insertion are not required in most cases. After three months, the number of adverse events is low.

The present baseline analysis of the Kyleena® Satisfaction Study (KYSS) demonstrates that most women rate insertion pain of LNG-IUS 12 as none or mild, and clinicians consider insertion easy in most cases.