New research is being presented at the ISC 2014, the annual International Stroke Conference, from February 12 to 14 in San Diego.

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Treating Stroke With Uric Acid

Improving Stroke Treatment Times & Outcomes

Few Stroke Patients Receive Recommended Treatment


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Insertable Heart Monitor Finds Elusive Atrial Fibrillation After Unexplained Stroke 

Alternative Test Better at Finding Potentially Dangerous Holes in the Heart

Clot Busters Limit Stroke Damage Despite Age; stroke Severity

Ambulance Magnesium Treatment Fails to Improve Stroke Outcome

Moderate Exercise Cuts Women’s Stroke Risk, Helps Offset IncreaseD Risk From Hormone Therapy

Blood Clot Risk Remains Higher Than Normal for at Least 12 Weeks After Women Deliver Babies

Common Infections May Increase Risk for Memory Decline

Sleep Apnea Common Among Stroke-Related Brainstem Injuries

Weather Changes May Be Linked With Stroke Hospitalization, Death

Cocaine May Increase Stroke Risk Within 24 Hours of Use

More Awareness, Fast Response Key to Combatting Stroke in Children

Common Infections Linked to Stroke in Children; Vaccines May Reduce Risk

What’s Hot at International Stroke Conference 2014?

American Stroke Association Honors Outstanding Contributors to Stroke, Research


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