All the women who are infected with the deadly disease of breast cancer are required to choose mastectomy should have equal access to safe breast reconstruction as an essential component of comprehensive care. The textured breast implants have been always successful and hence have a success rate of 98 percent so far in curing these women. However, these safety issues are being compromised due to the prevailing outbreak of novel coronavirus. Therefore, every possible attempt is being made to ensure that the people who are already very ill are protected from COVID-19. Therefore, the virus of the COVID-19 that has been able to enter the body is entering by converting the angiotensin enzymes. This is a cell surface receptor. Therefore, for the purpose of understanding and conducting a study as to how this process works to increase ether risk of the patients, the DNA and plasma samples were undertaken. The study concluded with the result that male sex and clinical biomarkers of biological aging, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes are linked with higher amounts of the sACE 2 levels. Therefore, this increases the risk of heart diseases and at the same time worsens the position of the person.

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