For patients with burn injury, IV tranexamic acid (TXA) reduced blood loss per unit burn area of tangential excision in burns less than 30% total body surface area (TBSA), according to a study published in Burns. However, the study investigators observed no notable effect on postoperative transfusion and hemoglobin. For the single center, prospective, double-blinded, randomized placebo-controlled trial, patients with deep dermal thermal burns less than 30% TBSA were randomly assigned (1:1) to TXA and placebo groups. Groups were comparable in terms of area of burn excised, BMI, duration of surgery, interoperative temperature, and preoperative hemoglobin. When compared with the placebo group, average blood loss per square centimeter burn area excised was observed to be considerably lower in the TXA group (mean difference: 0.28±0.025 ml/cm2; P=0.000). Additionally, with TXA, the total volume of blood loss was lower, compared with placebo (258.7±124.10 ml vs 388.1±173.9 ml; P=0.07). Between the two groups, length of hospitalization, graft-take, and postoperative hemoglobin were comparable. Transfusion was not necessary for any of the patients.