African Americans have a higher prevalence of cardiovascular illnesses and have experienced a slower rate of mortality decline over the last 30 years than white Americans. Because of inequalities in healthcare in the United States, researchers at the Jackson Heart Study (JHS) set out to determine what factors contribute to the disproportionately high rates of cardiovascular disease among the African American community. By accessing the website in January 2020, investigators could compile a list of all JHS-related publications from 1999 through 2018. The frequency of citations was derived using a Google search of 455 articles. The names of the 1st author, the month and year of publication, the journal’s title, and the journal’s impact factor were used to categorize the top 20 most-cited articles. About 20  of the articles from the Jackson Heart Study were quite popular, receiving anywhere from 282 citations to 5,545 citations total. There were an average of 1045.60 citations per paper. A total of 20 items ranked in the top 5% were published in 8 scholarly publications. Around 19 of the 20 most-cited JHS publications dealt with genetics; all were observational studies. As for the JHS’s future plans, they should focus on reputable interventional studies.