The research work done by Journal of clinical oncology(JCO) over the past 25 years is highly commendable. In these 25 years, JCO has been the most powerful body in improving and enhancing cancer treatment worldwide. One of the most important outcomes is over 50% of all neoplasm occurring is in the range of 65 years and older, which is 12% of the population age.


The clinical scientist’s prime focus has to be on the hows of treating an older patient in terms of treatment tolerance and life expectancy. There are many reliable ways to measure and assess physiological age like laboratory tests like inflammation markers, geriatric assessment and functional tests as per the cardiological study. For future research, geriatric assessment should be one of the prime focuses of older individuals.

Older patients react to drugs differently and may have unexpected toxicities. In phase II trials of the research, handing of these drug-related toxicities on older individuals should be an integral part.


Safeguarding functional independence should be one of prime focus while treating older patients. For the next 25 years, the challenge JCO will be facing is to provide cancer treatment to the ageing population.