The purpose of this cross-sectional study was to assess college students’ knowledge, practice, and attitude toward HPV vaccination in Beijing, China. In addition, the factors influencing vaccination were investigated. The information was gathered using self-administered anonymous questionnaires filled out by 884 college students chosen from a random sample at Peking University in China between September and December 2018. In all, 72.6 percent of participants had heard of but had insufficient understanding of HPV and the vaccine. The participants’ degree of awareness was substantially related to their age, major, and the vaccination status of family members or acquaintances. In all, 68.8 percent of students considered college education as the major place from which they anticipated to obtain vaccination knowledge. Only 9.5 percent of the ladies had been immunized. Positive indicators of vaccination uptake were doctor relationships, sexual experience, and a high degree of knowledge.

The major and most prevalent reason for rejecting immunization and not promoting the vaccine to others was a lack of understanding about the HPV vaccine. College students at Peking University had low to moderate knowledge of the HPV vaccination, and vaccine uptake was poor. College health education, for example, is needed to raise college students’ understanding of HPV and the vaccine, which may assist boost vaccination rates.