The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has affected the lives of the whole world. There has been evidence that has been associated with diabetes and adverse outcomes of diabetes in the association with the novel coronavirus. There have been various studies that have been conducted for the purpose of ensuring that the people are provided with the best possible care to the maximum possible extent. However, various studies are being conducted in order to ascertain whether COVID-19 is acting as a predisposing factor for enhancing the severity of type one of the virus. Therefore, the patients in the range of 40-50 years were analyzed and studied for a time duration of 52 days. This was observed that there is no such evidence which states that the existence of the novel coronavirus is worsening the condition of the people who were already suffering from the diabetes type one disease. Therefore, the range of glucose and insulin was the same in patients with diabetes and coronavirus and the people between those who are only affected by diabetes. Therefore, the type one is not so dangerous for them and hence, an attempt is made to provide the maximum possible acre.

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