The following was edited for space from an original post by Kelly Cawcutt, MD, to her personal blog at

Oh how COVID-19 has changed everything, right? Even if we feel things are back to normal, the truth is that life has forever been changed. Medicine and healthcare are forever changed, and aligned with that, so am I.

Over the last year, I have had the distinct privilege of participating in the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) inaugural ELEVATE leadership certification course for women. The 12-month program, with monthly learning modules and small group sessions led by coaches, provided educational concepts and the support to
define actionable steps on how to enact this. In a field that remains fraught with bias, longitudinal leadership training specific to women really helps address so many of the issues we all face in various ways, and at various times, in our careers and personal live.

I learned many important things about myself. I learned that my primary priorities no longer are driven strictly by success in my career.

Medical training takes so much from us, it is an all consuming beast, and I think we all find the point where we realize we can no longer be consumed but must crawl back out of the mouth and find the sun again.

My vision for who I am as a person and professional are no longer different. I want to show up in the same way, as the same person, every darn day. So, who am I? What is my vision?

To consistently show up as a visionary catalyst for positive change through strategic thinking, problem-solving, and maximizing the potential of those around me, in order to improve the lives of others.

It’s a big vision. It’s intimidating. But it is 100% who I am and the impact I dream of having. I have no ilusion that I am perfect at this, but it is the vision of who I strive to be. And with that, it is easier to align my career with this North Star statement.

Yes, I know, that seems like I shared month 1 of this program, and that is it. But there was so much more.