The people who have been infected with the deadly disease of cancer in anal section are usually cured using fistula therapy. They find it difficult to mark their survival. Therefore, they try to make every possible attempt to safeguard them. Therefore, it is really very essential to ensure that people are able to understand the recent studies wherein an attempt has been made to understand that the treatment response and survival from head and neck tumors are able to get stratified on the basis of the biomarker status especially with the help of indicators like human papillomavirus status and various strains of proteins and other forms of compounds. There have been instances wherein the future studies of the subject might be in the position to validate the findings with an intention to conduct a subsequent random controlled trial wherein the patients would be stratified according to the various biomarker indicators which have been discussed as under.this is extremely helpful for treating the head and neck cancers wherein a possibility is provided to the medical workers to understand the body composition and then decide the treatment to be served accordingly. The results showcased an increase in 20 percent in the results which were obtained.

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