This study states that Endovascular aneurysm fixing (EVAS) is a creative option to regular endovascular aneurysm fix (EVAR). EVAS depends on sac securing without proximal obsession to accomplish fixing and ought to have took into consideration the treatment of a more extensive scope of anatomic highlights contrasted and standard EVAR. In spite of the empowering early reports, the mid-and long haul follow-up information have shown expanded paces of disappointment. To resolve the issue, the maker presented amended guidelines for use (IFU) in 2016. The current examination reports the results of this framework after a middle development of 45 months.  Information for all patients electively treated with EVAS at our organization were reflectively gathered. The patients were reflectively renamed by the 2016 updated IFU of the gadget. All patients in the current arrangement had gone through EVAS for the treatment of infrarenal stomach aortic aneurysms (AAAs). The essential end point was helpful disappointment: join movement >5 mm, sac development >5 mm, type IA endoleak (Is2 and Is3 utilizing the Van sanctum Ham arrangement), type Ib endoleak, and auxiliary break.

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