There have been increasing incidences of prospectively collected long term data and hence, an attempt is made to record those patients who have been undergoing through several phases of long term carcinoma. The patients who already underwent the endoscopic resection of intramuscosal ESCC at 17 months were the pnes who revealed various types of different results which could be discovered. In addition, a data was collected pertaining to 330 patients so fra since 2005. The meadian follow-up period was 49.4 months. The 5-year cumulative incidence of rate of metachronous ESCC was 25.7 percent. In addition, it was concluded that the studies were able to demonstrate that the endoscopic resection was an effective measure for intramuscosal ESCC and hence, was able to provide for 87.5 percent of the beneficial results. There were many other long term outcomes which were associated with these. In addition, there have been many other studies that have been conducted in this regard. The rate of results were pegged at 98.4 percent. There have been an additional amount of effort that was registered so far in order to provide for the favourbale results in the median period of 49.4 months. The results were very much favourbable to the people in every possible manner.

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