The purpose of this study to determine the variations in pedicle diameter for the lumbar spine. As per the recent studies the digest medical isthmus morphology to perform procedures for successful transpedicular. The study also suggests detailed measurements of medicals that should be undertaken. Therefore, to start the study the researchers have inspected around 5060 cuts of the lumbar spine to transverse the outer PD for measurement. The data collected from the inspection has been categorized based on the patient-reported race. The results show that the Asian cohort has a smaller PD than the white or black people.

This research has concluded that the population of Asia has consistently smaller pedicles in the lumbar spine. On the other hand, black and white people have larger pedicles. However, the researchers are doing more studies and researches to find out the other information related to the lumbar spine that can differentiate Asian people from other countries. Preoperative computed tomography can be a good and safe method for pedicle screw templating using pedicle screw instrumentation. Therefore this study has given the difference of cohort in the lumbar spine between Asian and other people.